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May 18, 2024

Project Worthmore DeLaney Farm

The work would include turning compost, broad forking fields, trimming brush, and general cleanup for those who are able. For people who would like to contribute in a less physically demanding way, running tools, water, sunblock, and snacks from the barn out to volunteers would also be an immense help. All supplies would be provided, apart from water and snacks, and I recommend volunteers bring their own gloves.

This outdoor location has the capacity to accommodate 120 volunteers in two shifts of 60 volunteers the first from 10-12 and the second from 1-3.

Primary Contact: Robert S Mintz (Robertmintz@comcast.net)

Project Date: 05/18/2024

Project Location: Aurora, Colorado (See Map)

Project is Handicap Accessible

Additional Information: For those able, light farm work and area cleanup. For those seeking a more relaxed level of participation, providing snacks and water to the volunteers.

Shift/Role Information

Project work shifts and/or roles to be fulfilled by volunteers are listed below, along with the maximum number of volunteers needed for the shift/role and any information specific to the shift/role.

Minimum Volunteer Age restriction:12

Shift/Role Description Max. # of Volunteers Shift/Role-Specific Notes