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Help Create an EPIC Day of Service
May 18, 2024

Club members who want to support the EPIC Day of Service Fundraising

This service is club support by our members who want to provide leadership and support so that all club members get signed up for the Fundraising pledge solicitations. Also, encouraging members to send out pledge solicitations to 30 to 50 recipients like family, friends, or colleagues.

Primary Contact: Lakewood Foothills (LFHRotaryEPICMay18@gmail.com)

Project Date: 04/18/2024

Project Location: Lakewood, Colorado (See Map)

Project is Handicap Accessible

Additional Information: Club members in this role should have the motivation and skills to assist other members to get signed up for EPIC Fundraising and learn how to send solicitation emails. The leaders of the Fundraising will encourage each member to set personal goals for how many pledge solicitations they send and for the amount of donations their contacts contribute to our club.

Shift/Role Information

Project work shifts and/or roles to be fulfilled by volunteers are listed below, along with the maximum number of volunteers needed for the shift/role and any information specific to the shift/role.

Minimum Volunteer Age restriction:none

Shift/Role Description Max. # of Volunteers Shift/Role-Specific Notes

Ongoing throughout from early April through May 18