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May 18, 2024

Nature with Neighbors

The Native Colorado Plants Planting Project is a collaborative effort between the Erie Rotary Club, the Town of Erie, and the Friends of Coal Creek aimed at restoring and beautifying public spaces along Coal Creek.

This project aligns with the Erie Rotary Club's EPIC Day of Service initiative, scheduled for May 19th. The project aims to enhance biodiversity, support pollinator communities, and engage the community in environmental stewardship.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant and resilient community in Erie by restoring and enhancing public spaces with native Colorado plants. Through collaborative efforts with the Erie Rotary Club, the Town of Erie, and the Friends of Coal Creek, we aim to promote biodiversity, support pollinator populations, and engage residents in environmental stewardship. By planting the seeds of change along Coal Creek, we strive to create a sustainable and welcoming habitat that fosters pride, connection, and well-being for generations to come.

Primary Contact: Nature with Neighbors (kevin@investmentwithinsight.com)

Project Date: 05/19/2024

Project Location: Erie, Colorado (See Map)

Project is Handicap Accessible

Additional Information: Find the Rotary flags at the connection of Bonnell Ave and the walking trail for the Coal Creek and head South East. The project site can be seen from the road.

Shift/Role Information

Project work shifts and/or roles to be fulfilled by volunteers are listed below, along with the maximum number of volunteers needed for the shift/role and any information specific to the shift/role.

Minimum Volunteer Age restriction:10

Shift/Role Description Max. # of Volunteers Shift/Role-Specific Notes



Shift 1



Shift 2



Shift 3



Shift 4