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This is where you can download useful marketing and outreach materials, enter your club's EPIC project information, update your club's contact information, and view all your project information, including your list of project volunteers.

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Promoting Your Project

If you have questions or would like to hear how other clubs are organizing and promoting their projects, please join the biweekly EPIC Day of Service Club Champion Forums. These meetings are virtual, so you can join from the comfort of your own home.

  • Meeting Dates:
    • February 26  *** Click HERE to view recording. Recording passcode: RM+44$aC
    • March 11 *** Click HERE to view recording. Recording passcode: y^*9n1tA
    • March 25
    • April 8 *** Click HERE to view recording. Recording passcode: nB@!Z3?f
    • April 22 *** Click HERE to view recording. Recording passcode: 3u*Y.+RO
    • May 6
    • May 20 (for after-event questions and discussion).
  • Meeting Time: 5 - 6PM (Mountain Time)
  • Meeting Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85958431711?pwd=ayUH6ylB5jumvSyWnEnRaH9bbtM2Dd.1

The EPIC Day of Service is a nationwide movement to showcase the service work of Rotary. It is an opportunity to create lasting change in your community; engage (and re-engage) your members with purpose, passion and fellowship; recruit new members; and raise funds to help support your service projects all year long!

We have created an EPIC Day of Service Marketing Tool Kit to help you promote your project, and to motivate your members to sign-up, fundraise and invite family and friends to join in.

The marketing tools are in the Marketing Folder at the bottom of this page. Download any tools you would like to use and be sure to customize by adding your Club name and project where needed.

As we get closer to the EPIC Day of Service on May 18, we will continue to post new materials so be sure to check your email and check back in on this page!

If you have questions or would like to hear what other clubs are doing, please attend the bi-weekly EPIC Day of Service Club Champion Forums (see dates and link above).

If you need further help, please Contact Us

Order Your
EPIC Day of Service Merchandise!

The event steering committee has successfully negotiated a 10% price discount with Russell Hampton for selected products aimed at promoting volunteerism and camaraderie during EPIC Day of Service projects.

The discount applies to specific items, including a 72" by 30" club banner, sponsor banners, OSHA safety yellow Rotarian at Work vests, navy Rotarian at Work T-shirts, and navy caps with the Rotary Masterbrand signature logo. This discount is in addition to any quantity discount already provided by Russell Hampton.

Clubs can place orders through a dedicated webpage using the promotion code EPIC-24 until event day (May 18, 2024).

During checkout, clubs can choose to have Russell Hampton bill their club/district (if they have an existing account) or pay with a personal or club credit card. Identifying one postal location for shipping will be more cost-effective for the club.