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What Happens Next?

Start planning your Club’s project now!

  • If you want to collaborate with other Clubs, or use your project to recruit new members, that takes some time.  The website will be ready for you to register your Club’s project by the end of December.
  • Ask your Club’s Service Chair how they’d like to proceed.
  • If you might want to team up with other Clubs, ask your Assistant Governor if other Clubs in your area might also be interested.  Or reach out to the Club Presidents directly.
  • IF YOU WANT TO RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS, don’t just do the first project that comes to mind.  Choose a project that could use a lot of extra volunteers from the community, and that would be attractive to them.  The EPIC website will list your project and make it easy for the public to sign up.  We’ll be promoting this newsworthy EPIC Day broadly… 9NEWS is already interested.
  • Here’s a strategy used by a Club to attract 125 volunteers and bring in 11 new members.  They started by approaching their mayor, who asked them to fix up a park.  The Club asked in return for the town to promote the project to all the townspeople.  It worked!  Other options could be to approach a non-profit – conservancy, foundation, museum, etc. – that has a long list of supporters they could enlist to help.